The facts on the NHS crisis in BN7

of patients in your area wait more than four hours to be seen in A&E. The official government target is a maximum of 5%.


is the funding gap for the NHS in your area.

These are figures for the NHS crisis in Sussex and East Surrey. Click here to find out more about the data.

  • Personal experiences from Lewes BN7
  • Trips to the GP in which made to wait for some time then given almost less than 10 minutes with them to keep queues down
  • Treatment excellent but obviously too crowded
  • Yes. Too much waiting time
  • I work in the NHS, so I can see it needs more funding
  • I was happy with my operation, done speedily, 5 days stay in hospital, kept in longer than expected because of slight complication and good after care. I would have preferred it to have been at the hospital nearer my home, as visiting was not easy for my 80 year old husband
  • Waiting lists are too long is all that I have experience recently. I have been lucky in recent years that I personally have not been negatively affected in any serious way.
  • The Royal Sussex County Hospital is in dire need of being brought into the 21st century, but I believe this is due to happen.
  • communication between sections is inefficiennt
  • Longer waiting times for consultations and operations. Elderly parents in 90's made to visit surgery for blood tests rather than home visits which used to be available for this. Budget cuts mean have to be done by prescription now so only certain conditions qualify. Being old and frail is not a condition apparently. Even with one parent in a care home the dr won't come out.
  • Before i was diagnosed with BC ,i had many blood tests as to why i was anaemic , and was on a lot of iron pills and a transfusion which was ok for a while ,but after a few weeks was the same as before ,and after a few assessments and then a ct scan ,and 3 weeks later given the news nobody wants to hear.
  • Yes - poor patient care on elderly ward.
  • Nurses rushed off their feel and unable to attend properly to all the patients
  • Yes I had to wait 5 months for a referral to see a chest consultant having had a severe cough for almost a year
  • I have recently had some very good experiences but have been very aware of the enormous pressures that hospital staff are under. Clinics have been overflowing with patients and the workflow for staff appears manic. I do not know how they keep going. My own GP is in great demand and it is not always easy to get an appointment. The GPs, I believe, are also overwhelmed by the number of patients they have to deal with. Jeremy Hunt talks platitudes most of the time - personal experiences do not reflect any truth in what he is saying.
  • Waiting times
  • The staff are exemplary but are working against all odds. Lack of resources in energy way
  • I have to attend regularly and outpatient checkups are often put back, clearly due to shortage of staff. Have just seen the last question, there is no point in speaking to my MP as they won't tolerate any criticism of the Conservatives and their priorities.
  • Waiting time for appointments at Hostpital as so many People on the list
  • It needs more staff.
  • Being in A and E on a Sunday night and having to wait for hours to be seen. Not helped by the fact that many people waiting to be seen were under the influence of drink and or drugs.
  • Had my medication changed to a cheaper but less effective alternative
  • No
  • Yes - as above. I had help by writing to the then MP. I put on a complaint with a mixed result. At my age 77 I can't face the hassle of talking to media or present MP. At present my husband and I are caring for our son who has been seriously ill. The NHS has not been very efficient or helpful in his case either.
  • My experience of getting help for my daughter via CAMHS. Once we got to them, CAMHS were fantastic. However, it took six weeks for the referral to go through because the person dealing with it only worked two days a week and was seeing cases every hour of each day, leaving no time for all the paperwork. Even funding half a day's paperwork time would have made an enormous difference, not just to my daughter, but to the many many (and increasing in number) children and young people trying to access CAMHS.
  • Difficulty of making local GP appointments
  • The NHS is a wonderful thing that must be cherished, celebrated, protected and now probably fought for. I and my family have received nothing but high quality care, but it is clear that there aren't enough nurses or doctors all the time and that you do have to wait for longer than you would ideally like. But you don't hold it against the staff as you know that it's not their fault. You know that beds are being blocked as there is not often anywhere to send people due to the cuts and increasing demand on social care.
  • My husband was diagnosed as dementia and put into a home at our expense. He did not have dementia. I fought the NHS/social services and got him properly diagnosed and back into a hospital 50 miles away. He fell out of bed and broke his femur there. Not diagnosed for 4 days!. As soon as bone set they tried to send him home. I refused. Eventually they agreed to treat his mental condition. He got a rash on his body and died. His death certificat stated pneumonia but it wasn't - it was an infection.
  • Our GP was willing to refer my husband for specialist advice about a joint problem. We paid over £200 for the appointment which, to be fair, was a luxury well worth it.
  • Having to wait at A&E to be seen - only 1 hour and having to wait nearly a year for a cataract operation
  • I guess that up to now I've been fortunate but I have heard of people I know having Problems
  • Personally my experience has been good
  • My experience to date has been positive in terms of care but many of the buildings are in urgent need of repair or refurbishment.
  • Cancellation of cataract appointments, and cancellation of follow-up appointments.
  • Our local hospital is currently under threat. Various units at different hospitals in the area are closing/have closed resulting in further travel distances and/or reduced services.
  • My recent experiences in Lewes have been good.
  • Children who work for NHS are at asking point due to lack of proper number of staff.
  • We are short of physiotherapists.
  • The doctors are clearly stretched
  • The above suggests that particularly the pathology department was overwhelmed and in need of funds and everywhere seemed very stretched though functioning well.
  • I have been fortunate and have not experienced obvious problems related to lack of funding except for the quite frenetic level which most NHS workers are having to work at.
  • Processed so slowly through the AE my elderly father would never voluntarily return.
  • Overcrowding and long referral waiting times.
  • My aunt didn't get seen fast enough with cancer so it has spread worse if she had of had treatment sooner maybe it wouldn't have spread so fast
  • waiting for surgery on a 35 week wauting list after original referral lost in the system for 6 months
  • Yes... needs great but very busy doctors cause time delays
  • Not really, communication/correspondence with husband's procedure
  • I was left on a trolley in a corridor for 4 hours when i was 14 (1984)
  • As a doctor I have seen, first hand, patients suffering from poor funding causing delays in almost every area of hospital medicine: delays waiting to get into A&E (with patients waiting on trollies in ambulance triage areas), delays waiting for admission (with patients waiting in A&E for hours), delays on getting to the right ward, delays getting scans. Underfunding delays every aspect of care and reduces efficiency.
  • Yes it's needs more funding, my son needs an MRI urgently and is still waiting 4 months on
  • Yes. My father was left on the floor for eight hours waiting for an ambulance three months ago, and then a day in a corridor waiting for treatment. Everyone treated him very well but it was obvious the system was dangerously overstretched. If it had been serious he would have undoubtedly died before treatment.
  • Yes the threat to close Victoria Hospital Lewes
  • I previously lived in Ealing and have seen the local A and E department close and expereinced the horrendous waiting times once it was closed. I have experienced better medical care in so called 'developing' countries
  • Particularly n the mental health section of the NHS. It's the. Cinderella area in the NHS
  • Certainly in the area of older people certainly on admission and waiting in Medical assessment units and issues of care with stroke/ confused patients with inadequate numbers of staff, also being treated as 3rd class citizens as they don't have a voice, this is in part due to training and some cultural attitudes.
  • I had an operation quite a long time ago and even then there weren't enough nurses in duty in the ward
  • Yes - I would say that nurses are very overworked so it is difficult for them to find time to "care", which is such an important element of recovery"es - I would say that nurses are very overworked so it
  • See above. Yes some services are poor. Getting an appointment at st Georges, London for endocrinology can be a 6 month wait.
  • no
  • I have had several recent experiences that clearly indicate that, although I don't dispute the need for funding, the biggest issue to address is management, and communication. Much money is wasted in unjoined up systems, where the left hand does not know what the right is doing,
  • I had to wait 3 months for treatment for a BCC recently.
  • This is not a black and white funding issue. It involves a big picture approach to: health, general practice, hospice, nursing and social care... A cross party solution that doesn't blame and shame but carefully reviews whole person care to draw on best practice to find pragmatic human friendly solutions.
  • Yes, waiting times need to be much reduced especially for emergency operations
  • A&E understaffed at UCH, Urgent treatment centre understaffed with doctors senior enough to take decisions. Nurses overworked.
  • yes funding was cut for first hip operation causing a further lengthy delay before successful operation
  • I also have M.S.,and require regular physiotherapy, but the NHS are threatening to withdraw the funding.
  • Long queues and much waiting time .
  • Only in that when I was hit by a car in 2010 whilst cycling and in hospital for 5 days I could see how stretched and under-resourced they were. Everyone who looked after me was wonderful but they were clearly trying to do more than was humanely possible.
  • More doctors needed to avoid long waits – insufficient GPs
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