The facts on the NHS crisis in NG2

of patients in your area wait more than four hours to be seen in A&E. The official government target is a maximum of 5%.


is the funding gap for the NHS in your area.

These are figures for the NHS crisis in Nottinghamshire. Click here to find out more about the data.

  • Personal experiences from Rushcliffe NG2
  • My father was admitted to A&E and had to wait several hours before being transferred to a medical ward
  • clearly understaffed; the hospital was inundated with patients/people wanting treatment - we need to build more hospitals not close them down!
  • not personal, but 4-5 years ago with a dear friend of mine..........her treatment was albut non existent but she wouldn't let me complain.........following her death, i took it up with various people, only to be told that 'that was then' 'things are different now'......but they're clearly and most definitely not ! it's more nursing care than funding.
  • Not personally. I may be lucky as I live in a Teaching Hospital catchment area.
  • I had a pilonidal sinus operation 19 years ago. Though I would have needed 2 weeks before I could even walk properly, I was kicked out after 2 days, even though it took me nearly an hour to leave the building. I couldn't sit in a wheelchair. Back then the NHS needed funding, which eventually arrived when Labour came to power.
  • Yes I had an accident at 3am and made the mistake of dialling 111 instead of 999 and after speaking to them I then waited until 4.30 am for an ambulance to arrive.I was 72 and alone.The ambulance crew had come from Newark and I live in Ng2 in Nottingham.I then was in A and E from 5am until 9.30 am.More ambulances needed.
  • Doctors are just about coping. But nursing is stretched, nurses should not have to run. Also there are slip-ups with appointments occasionally. There are too few staff, nursing and admin.
  • Just getting to see a doctor which can be difficult shows the pressure they are under. Despite this they are brilliant when you see them.
  • When I had my last overnight stay I found that there where not enough staff on the ward
  • I work within social care for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems, I have seen at first hand the way the underfunding of both my service and the NHS have had such a negative impact on many service users !!
  • Closing hard-pressed wards because of lack of staff
  • I had to be in hospital for IV antibiotics- long wait, feverish, staff lovely but was scared how long til I got sorted. Not staff's fault, just the institution being failed by government. And as a result causing huge suffering to ill people, their families and to all the dedicated staff trying their upmost to deliver services and CARE which are being starved of resources.
  • Awful, shocking dementia diagnosis and treatment for my father. I'm still in shock this could happen to the NHS!
  • Nurses were overstretched and untrained in some essential procedures
  • Yes, the Gender Identity Services (GIDS). Tavistock, the GIDS under 18's service, have a waiting list over a year, and this is having a direct link with teen mental health and suicide rates in the Trans community.
  • Appointments are never on time, even in GPs
  • Horrendous waiting times in ,,A+E. daughter in severe pain. No.wheelchair
  • I had an op and the follow up letter to take the dressing off and examine it at two weeks was missed completely.
  • I worked for 6 years in an NHS setting and it was obvious that elderly patients were not being given the care they needed to maintain their dignity and encourage independence and this was as a direct result of lack of qualified and experienced staff. The NHS must spend more on training recruiting and keeping staff.
  • I am an A&E junior doctor about to be a consultant. I see first hand how desperately we need more beds, both community and social beds and in hospital. We need more staff both nurses and doctors but the actions of this government are driving staff away by their unfair treatment. They are chaises burned out but still try their hardest every day with not enough resources. When you stretch them so thinly mistakes are made even with the best of intentions. Our prime concern is always our patients and we know that to help them we need more help!
  • Working in the NHS I am forever frustrated and demoralised by the fact that I cannot deliver care to a high standard due to lack of finances. I have worked in the NHS for 30 years and I used to be so proud of it . This is fast disappearing. I have opted not to speak to the media or my MP as I work in the NHS and politically I am concerned it would my managers would look negatively towards this type of publicity
  • Yes it was good but staff were run of their feet and patients needs were greater than resourcing allowed
  • My daughter needed medications compounding but the budget wouldn't cover it. My daughter needs a specialist for her condition but there are very few and we can't seem to get in to see one....everything takes so long. The gastrointestinal clinics are so full we have to wait months for appointments and are often bumped back to a later date.
  • Yes, all visits to the NHS reflect the huge problem of under staffing and under funding from the Dr's and nurses who are doing their very best to deal with the endless numbers of people needing care.
  • I have seen staff working under far greater pressure. Whilst they do their best to deliver high quality care you can see the stress they are under.
  • The drive is to care for people in the community which is positive but the community nursing and allied health teams need more funding to be able to meet the needs of patients returning home earlier as they can be very medically vulnerable and require more information ntense rehab for a longer period of time.
  • Yes. My friend ended up in a psychiatric hospital in sheffield because there were no beds in Nottingham.
  • I was sent to a private hospital for treatment which was brilliant, but I know this happened because the NHS is underfunded.
  • More staffing needed the ward was short staffed and had too few beds to meet need
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